Heating Equipment Sales & Installations

Take advantage of federal and state tax rebates up to $2,000 by replacing your current heating system with a new, high efficiency unit. Speak with one of our installation specialists for more information.

When it comes to keeping all your equipment in tip-top shape we can help with professional installation and repair services.

Equipment Installations

When you purchase a new heating or cooling system you pay close attention to the system’s price and efficiency rating. It’s also important to make sure that your system is installed correctly . Our installation experts will assure you a perfect fit between your new system and your home’s unique specifications. Our trained, licensed, experienced installers do the job right the first time and you will get accurate, customized sizing. In fact, if you are not 100% satisfied with our work, we will come back to your home – until you are.

Oil Tank Installation and Removal

One of the benefits of using oil heat is that your fuel supply is always on hand and under your control. When properly stored, oil heat is remarkably safe and environmentally friendly.

Safeguarding the environment is a responsibility that we take very seriously. That’s why we provide services to help you properly maintain your storage tank so that together we can protect our delicate environment while ensuring that you get years of use from your tank.

Whether you have an above ground or an underground storage tank it’s important to make sure that your tank is functioning properly. It’s rare for homeowners to experience any problems with their storage tanks, but if you do, we’ll be here to help. When it comes time to replace or upgrade your tank you can be sure that we’ll get the job done right and that all of the products we install meet or exceed state environmental regulations.

Heating Oil Conversions

Did you know? If you currently heat your home with costly electric heat or with natural gas you can save real money by converting to oil heat. No matter how you look at it Oil heat beats the competition.

Conversion can be a complicated process and often makes the most sense when it’s time to upgrade or replace your current system. Our highly trained account representatives can provide you with all of the information you need and if you do decide to convert we can take care of the process for you.

Receive a free 275 oil tank when converting to oil!

Equipment Manufacturers

We sell only the most reliable, state-of-the art heating and cooling systems from leading manufacturers. Be assured that we will help you choose equipment that will provide you with years of trouble free comfort at a price that is right for your budget. And if it’s service that you need then our highly trained technicians can service and repair hot water heaters, warm air furnaces and boilers quickly and efficiently.

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